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2015-01-30 10:39:12 (UTC)

Dead Drummer

What a morning. I worked very hard yesterday setting this house
up a little better. Dinner was a hit. Tonight I will make that
potato soup and serve it with left-overs. I need to learn how to
prepare just enough food with no left overs.

Still feeling under weather this morning. I must work on webpage
today. At least make contact. Get it started. I have all
that together from my efforts yesterday locating the company
manual. Not that it will be helping much.

Dead Drummer? Yes, I have had him on my mind today. Hanging out
with the band in those days was such a treat for all of us. No one
could have written a script that could have been more perfect. The singer and his wife lived next door to the drummer. The house had
a basement made into a band room. I took stools over there and
farm benches to sit on. We had some great times listening to them practice. Always the place to have good parties too.

I loved that man. He was single since his long time girl friend
walked out shortly after I met them. Not sure what all that was
about. No one ever said. I do not pry. He had that Bruce Willis
look if BW was in his early 20's. Not sure why the Drummer always
reminded me of Bruce Willis, but he did just a little. Very talented.
This was the time I got involved with the video camera and started
filming them live out at a club or in that basement band room.
These would become some of my life's fondest memories. The Drummer
was always loyal to all of us and he had a spark about him when
I come around. I knew he wished. But he never crossed the line.
I do recall once after one of those large late night parties when
I decided to pitch my tent in backyard and camp out till the next
morning, he was up on his back porch all night long alone just
making sure no one bothered me. He always had my back like that.
Something we all will miss about those type of people in our lives that make it special or at least make us feel special. I honestly
did fantasize about him myself. What if and what if. I know he
dated once and a while, but nothing serious. He was sowing his
wild oats so to speak. But it was clear that he was at
one point getting out of control. But none of us knew he
was depressed. He was. None of us realized any of it until
that horrible morning the cell phones began ringing. Have you
heard about the drummer? He was found hanging from his
ceiling fan this morning. The lead singers wife found him
when people from his job came around to see why he did not
show up for work. It was a shocking hurtful time. I did not
go to his funeral. Matter a fact, two of those guys in that
band, the lead and the bass player? I have not seen either of
them since the Drummer died. I could not have handled all
that. Too many unanswered questions. No one pointing fingers to
appoint blame, but all of us backed away from one another
during this time. It was like the rug being pulled out
from under your life during the best part and no one ever
talks of it again.

I wish I had known he was so unhappy. But one thing I know
he would not want me to spend the rest of my life hurting about
him, he would want to see me successful and content.

Enjoy Daryl. You are greatly missed......

I loved you