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2015-01-30 08:18:53 (UTC)


Another Thursday night has come and gone.
Hung out with Hannah and Brandyce pretty much all day.
I love being around them, even if we all drive each other crazy sometimes.
But no matter what i always end up laughing till i cry when i'm with them.
Having some Good friends... Wow.
We went to dinner went out by the lake, came home and curled up in my bed in the dark talking and laughing about anything and everything.

I spoke to Charming tonight about the dreams and visions...not in detail and found out he's not having any...i'm really dissapointed.. I really thought je would be... For some reason.
But i guess i was wrong.
But knowing this answers alot of questions...yet creates others... *sigh*
But i liked talking with him alot.
Man... I just... I've got to get over the thought of him, the thought of anyone because lifes just to complicated right now.

But tonight was great.
With friends i am Content
With Charming i am Content
With Family i am Content.
With God....i am Good, i'm still growing. As always.
I'm sleepy and hoping for a good nights sleep with restfull obliviousness.

My heart feels warm...
Mood: Warm, Peaceful, Happy
Song: Time to be your 21 By Alexis johnson
Coor: Peach
Time 2:17am January 30th 2015

Goodnight peoples.