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2015-01-29 14:44:55 (UTC)

I lived till Thursday....go figure

My day went pretty good yesterday. All I did was take two aspirin. I did make a nutru bullet smoothie with frozen fruit to soothe my throbbing throat. But once I got out of here and down the
road a while, I actually felt pretty good. I had hope that I was
over this crap. Came home, went to bed early. Did not even take a
Mucinex last night. But I was very tired. According to how much I
watched of Mob Wives, I must have nodded off before first commercial
break. I did wake up at 2:30 am for a while, but was sound to sleep
when the guys got up to leave. I got up again around 7:00 and they
were gone. Since then, I have came to realize that yes, I feel
like shit still. And all this leaves more evidence to the fact
that this house is unhealthy to be inside. We must have mold in
the air or something. I would think if there was mold, those service guys installing our HVAC would have seen it and brought it too our
attention. Another reason to hope the remodeling gets under way
soon. I will not be staying here during it or maybe not even stay
here if it does not begin soon. I do have the money now to get
the hell out of here for a while.

I must call the beach and see what is available by the month.
It usually works out easy to get condo there. But it would
even be nicer to luck up and get something ocean front. I would
love to have that cute little house.....I bet it is still there.

None the less, I still feel like shit. But have managed to do
a few things this morning preparing for this day. I located our
company handbook hoping to find the perfect mission statement....
not so much. I do have the boss photo. He emailed it too me the
same day I has both of them to send me a photo. I have a quote
from him, but not excited about it. She has not replied to my request,
but I am still hopeful of our relationship improving some after our last phone conversation. I think I have a photo of her to use. May need to fire up my creative juices and start my rough draft of that webpage. Of course, between trips to the washer dryer to continue
the cleaning cycle thing I have going on. My sons room is
a disaster. Smells like something died in there. He must not
smell it. Who in the hell would live in there with that smell...
and at least open the window to air it out once and awhile.
Two things cause nasty smells in houses....nasty people or animals.
And if it is animals, that cause also lies on the back of the people.
I am deep in it today.....

Whatever, the kitchen is spotless, and I have things laid out
to make Lasagna later. I am washing all pillows and pillow covers
and sheets. You never realize just how old or lazy you are until
you witness so many pillows being stripped of their cases...and washed
themselves....two at a time. This could take a while.

I need to get new tires and have the mechanic inspect my car...just
in the event I do decide to head to the beach. I love Oak Island
and Southport this time of year. We have been there during times it
actually snowed. That was something else. I would not mind being snowed in there for a while.

I still like him going to work but it should not last too long....
We shall see...

anyway, I feel like shit, this house makes it worse and I am
still kicking after living with this crap all weekend....and now...

Smoothie time.....

Peace out