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2015-01-28 13:10:20 (UTC)

Casinos and Indian Tribes

Listening to the local news this morning I heard a story about
the Catawba Indians wanting to open a Casino near here. They
were having the meeting at a address that was on Cherokee St.

LOL Ya gotta think about that for a minute.

We have a casino in Cherokee, NC ran by the Cherokee Nation.
It is legal and most everyone I talk to loves going there.

So now this new Casino is being considered and still trying to
get approved. They said this morning that the issue is being
determined in Washington right now. They could knock it down
or approve to move forward. Then, I suppose the local leaders
would decide.

Some of the information sounds off the wall. I find it hard to
believe that one Casino could employee 4000 people. Where the
hell would they park? That area has a rural population probably
not many more than that now. Sounds odd. Maybe someone exaggerated.
I realize that must include 24 hours a day being open and
surrounding businesses that would have to open to accommodate

So, gambling is legal in Vegas and in Atlantic City. Why not
draw a oblong circle around the area the Catawba's are wanting
to use and all the way up toward the mountains and include
Ohara's ( Cherokee Casino ) and just allow anyone to open
a Casino. Legalize it right here in NC and it could in years
to come become little Vegas.

My grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee. I am proud of that part
of myself. But thinking about these two tribes basically going
against one another in this State to open and operate Casinos....
makes me wonder. Are they friends with one another? Are they
allies? Or do they hate one another and still try to be a war
with one another and if so, is this a act of war from the Catawbas
to go against the Cherokee? I wish we knew more about this.

I have no problem with the Casino being opened nor do I hold
the Catawbas in a bad light for wanting to do so. I would like
to see more of this type of businesses opening here and hate
it real bad that the motion picture studio fell through in
Charlotte. We were all looking forward to seeing that area
prosper. Now it will continue to be the slums.

The rural area is not a slum and I think having a Casino there
right off interstate will not affect much of the area. The
DOT may have to add some lanes and traffic lights to better
handle the traffic. More hotels will have to be built too
and better places to eat. It could snowball into something
good. And I can drive there in 15 minutes....


Still want to know if the tribes smoke a peace pipe or shoot
arrows at one another....or in this day and time instead
go after one another in court all the way to Washington. Letting
Washington decide does not sound right either. Sounds more like
a local and state issue. If we want it. So be it. Why do they
have to stick their noses in it? Hopefully most of them
will be hung over from their trips to Atlantic City or Vegas
and will vote in our favor. You never know.

I feel like shit this morning. But I will make my appointment
at 1:00. Later today and or tomorrow, I must start on the
webpage and get it going.....

It is 48 degrees here today.
It is 28 degrees in Pittsburgh.

Wish I was farther South.

key West sounds good