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2015-01-28 02:01:20 (UTC)

Pot murder

Seriously they want us to believe that some man high on pot
decided to shot his wife and then himself....after having
smoked pot. So we now will be hearing all the stories of
people jumping to their deaths from a hotel roof or balcony
after smoking pot or worse eating a brownie or cookie.

I will have to admit, I will NEVER under no circumstances ever
eat anything accept maybe butter that has been made with pot.
After that brownie we ate in Lake Lure nearly killed us. we
did not realize we were catching buzz. Talk about delayed
reaction....we ate more of the damn thing after while. And
I am sure we ate too much. I never want to do that again. But
would I have shot up the place or looked for a cliff to dive
off of? Hell NO! That is ridiculous.

Just because someone is insane kills their family or jumps
off a roof and they had smoked pot before hand, does not
mean the pot caused it.

Nancy Drew ( Grace) is having a field day with this.

A big stick just got stuck in any chances for the laws to
be changed anytime soon.

People who get sick from it, ate too much. They are addicts....
they do not know when to stop. Normal people are not going
to do that. Normal people can drink a few beers too and enjoy
the game or the race or sling few back in the backyard....
and nothing bad happens. Another guy in another part of
town might drink the same amount and decide to kill their
family or himself. It was not the alcohol that did it.
It was his mental illness.

And if same man had smoked one too, it was not the pot..

again, it was mental illness.

Get it right Nancy you are making yourself look ignorant....

up tight bitch