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2015-01-27 19:05:21 (UTC)

Sick but still kicking...

I knew I was done before it got dark last night. I know someone
cleaned up the kitchen from dinner last night. I still had it
out for my son who was not here for dinner. I may need to speak to
him about that I prefer to get dinner out of the way and things
tidied up before I go turn in for the night. I am not a maniac about
it, we all do our part. Looks like the old man took over last night.

I bet he got tired of me asking him to wash his hands a lot while
he was sick. He now knows my fear of germs, but he does not share
that fear. I have seen him couch right into the kitchen when dinner
was set out. Come on. Surely everyone can see how damn rude and
hillbilly acting that is? Or am I just a tight ass? Could be that

The fact remains. He was sick first. I took over and kept the
surfaces wiped down and Lysol sprayed....I tried hard to prevent
any of us catching this crap. He looked like shit. Anyway...
I could feel it coming on last night...and this morning was not
a bed of roses. Took me a while to pull myself together, but I
finally got myself together. Had errands to run. I decided to do
everything as a drive through. Instead of going to Dress Barn, I
mailed the payment. Did not have to get out of car. Did a drive
through. Then, I drove through the bank drive through and ordered
our checks....and did the same at another place to pay a bill.
I had no intentions of going to the store or walking into
Walmart, although I was dressed fine for Walmart. I had on my
thick pink house socks, you know, like the ones they give you
at the hospital with tread on the bottom to keep you from slipping?
Yeah, I was sporting those coupled with my pink Nikes. Sandals?

I was wearing a size XXL pullover with a hood. RED with name
of our town on it. Grey gym pants with a neon blue stripe up
the seam. I looked like shit. I did not comb my hair. But
the plan was do drive through errands. Not sure why I thought
it was okay to go inside of the grocery store like that. But I
did use hand wipes on the cart. I picked up everything I may
need to make dinner for the next two days. Just in case I do
not feel like going anywhere. Very happy I saw no one in there
that knew me.

Oh, But I do have to go somewhere tomorrow. Hoping that because
I do feel a bit better today, tomorrow should be a piece of cake.

I will be calling the Vapor thing people today to find out where
in the heck is my oil and vapor pen starter kit? Been waiting
almost two weeks. Thanks to the moron at the bank who insisted
I sign on to online banking....I do not get statements anymore
so I Do not even know if they charged me or not. That guy was
a bag of nerves. Had the gitters. Called me Mamame several times.
I almost wanted to smack him. I fantasized of it while in that
silly taking up my time for nothing meeting....just to order
checks. At least today, I could do it through the drive through...
and doing so reminded me of that silly man at that other bank.

( later update ) I called the vapor pen folks. Has to
choose a different flavor. It is on its way. It is probably
not the real stuff. Or it will get here by way for the feds and
I will end up in prison with bad people. It could go either way.

I hate winter too.

Wish I was on a beach in Mexico or Panama or St Thomas....


a girl can dream...and so can a old lady.
I jus know that time is flying by fast and it seems like
many hours, days, weeks and months are mostly wasted instead
of getting out there and living life just a little more.

I am thinking of planning a girls night out for a night in February.
A couple of bands we all like and would love to see are playing
on the same night, same place George Hatcher Band played. Been
a while since we did this. I suspect this time will include
booking a couple rooms at the Hilton nearby....and using a cab
service too. The girls want to do it less and when we do it,
go all out. This will be our first time will tell
if it works out. Hard to get all of together when we all
can walk without assistance, or worse. LOL