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2015-01-26 17:40:55 (UTC)

Quick Morning

I have been living double duty again this morning. Had my creative juices flowing and focused on that web page. Sent emails requesting
bios and mission statement and other ideas to the boss and my daughter.
Already had two brain sessions with him, got my notes started. I have
no regrets in starting this have every intention of making this
a great website. I want people who talk to us about real estate
to save our site in their favorites. They will know who to call with questions and guidance or just to look. They will know that when
they call us, we are there to pick up the phone or return the call
asap. That is the main complaint I get from people dealing with
other brokers. I also get a lot of complaints about Zillow too.
I want our site to the site to go too for updated and accurate
information and a call away from an appointment to get inside.

I will be working more on this later in the week.

Scheduled showing to show that house Wednesday. Oh boy, I can
hardly wait to see it. Lots of square footage and almost an
acre, no HOA fees and a pad for an RV. Perfect for these folks.

Fixed him breakfast and lunch already. Had to clean the kitchen
a couple times. He is still coughing. Will not drink any more of
my nutri-blast. He hates them. Hey, I am not used to how to get them
to taste good yet. Still trying to drink them myself. I do feel
somewhat healthier. Just wish this fibromalgia would give me
a break. Having no energy sucks. I have to drag myself out of
bed. But when you have a family to take care of...even at this late
age, he is sick...and I should be and am focusing on him.

I am hoping he is well enough to return to work tomorrow. Tomorrow
is when I run my errands...and prepare for Wednesday.

Wednesday will be a no brainer and will not take is
getting ready, the drive, and all that to come back home. It takes
me an hour to get I will be home again before 4:00
and most likely wore slap out. This getting old crap sucks out
load. Be thankful you are healthy. Be thankful you are young.

Do not waste the best years of your life upset all the time.
Find some level ground and stand on it. It is not easy....

Which reminds me of a song I wrote in 1976.

Wish we could post music or videos.

Oh well....

you never know what is around the corner....

For me, this day is over. I have done enough.
And that my friends is the best thing about being
self employed.