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2015-01-26 12:07:02 (UTC)

Monday morning smell the rain...

We have been enduring cold, warm, rainy, icy, then warm again....etc
etc...I am sick of this cold nasty environment. He stayed home
again from work. He has improved some, but did not want to go
out in this nasty cold weather. He is doing more. He has already
made two pots of coffee this morning. I have asked him to wash
his hands more often, but after coming to the realization, he is not
like me...he does not wash his hands often nor does he oover
his mouth when he cough or sneezes. So trying to not get this
crap he has is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

So far this morning, my throat was sore but I do not feel sick
yet. Felt a little stomach thing. Was not sure if I was going
to start throwing up or running to the bathroom.

thankful to have some fresh ginger in the refrigerator. This
is one of those times I can quality check one of those Nutri-blast
recipes that claim to help with these issues.

I have my mini air humidifier going taking a breathing treatment
by breathing in the damp air coming from it. Picked it up
at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have been happy with this purchase.
Have thought about stopping by there to pick up another one
for him to use. Or at least to have on hand in the event
I needed another one.

I bet my son does not work today either.....

Damn I have a list of things to get done this week. I am
hoping that I remain well. Hope I do not come down with
some horrible shit like he has had. I want him better too.
It drains the hell out of me for him to be in need of care..
this is like a flash back to his hip replacement. What a
damn nightmare. With him returning to work, I was hoping
that things around here would be getting more close to

I still want the remodeling to start. But it is clear that
until the weather changes from freezing to warm breezes, that
project will have to wait.

My daughter called me last night. I was taken back a little
and happy too. She has not been keeping in touch. I had
a talk with her last week about all that. She must be
trying to make things right. I was happy to learn that
the girls are painting bedrooms, picking out colors....
and they plan on doing the great room next before installing
new flooring. Looks like they are making improvements
too. All of us are.

This week is very important for my business. I have to
get that webpage right. I have property to show and I
need to get the tax deductions spreadsheet completed so
I can get the taxes done asap. We have almost everything
and should be ready to proceed by end of week. Hopefully.

After that is done...and showing another buyer property
next week....I will be ready to prepare for this renovation
some more. I have enjoyed feeling up too cleaning out
closets, drawers, and taking things to be donated. Hell,
I do not even care that much about it being a tax deduction..
it just feels good to purge some of this over flowing crap.

Looks like he is not the only one with a strong emotional
attachment to things. I am just as guilty. But we are
learning as we go that change is good.

I like it. one.
I will do things today that I can do from home. Work
on Webpage. Start taxes sheet. Prepare folder for showing this

Tuesday....go run errands. Go to dress barn and use bonus cash
coupons and pay off bill. Pick up one more room humidifier..
go to post office and mail bills. Maybe get nails done if time
allows. property