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2015-01-25 21:54:02 (UTC)

Pictures of Ruins

I went out to that old house again yesterday...for the first time since the time James and I went out there, it's caved in since then and it's in ruins and its so freaking sad...
but is also so symbolic of how our friendship is now.

at one time that Old house stood tall, unbreakable unbendable in the course of time as years and storms and life happened around it and it remained.
our friendship was the same in many ways...it stood tall.

it stood tall until it didn't.

same with the house and with the friendship.

But you know what? that house may have caved in, but it's still remains thought the weather and the storms and the years as life goes on around it.
it's broken and it will never be the same as it once was back in it's day.
Maybe the friendship will be the same way? maybe it still remains too.
I can hope and pray.
Maybe it's stupid but the symbolism isn't lost on me.
I don't think it's lost on you either my friend.

either way...the house or the friendship I'm looking at pictures of ruins.