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2015-01-25 17:04:51 (UTC)

Sunday done list

I hate thinking up titles. But this one hits the nail on
the head this time. I am exhausted for sure. I have finally
had a slice of the cornbread and some chicken soup poured
over the crumbled up cornbread. The cornbread is certainly
different from my other never fails recipe. But it is not
bad or anything. Just different. Not sure why the cocoanut oil
is so much better, to me it really seems more oily. I supposed
there is some healthier benefit to using it. Wish I was smarter
so I could recall this information. But you guys are smart
enough to already know this or you could be in the same boat
I am. Confused. But, I will use the cocoanut oil. Just
need to remember not to use so much of it.

I started another load of clothes, folded some towels, cleaned
their bathroom, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, whipped
down the other bathroom and the washer and dryer. Man, that
Mary J. Wanna seems to help the inflammation and the pain. I
can and have been staying on my feet more.

Oh yeah, I moved an entire row of canned vegetables to where
the spices were in other pantry and moved spices to where
the cans had been. Now, it makes sense. I am finally
organized in there. This organized pantry for baking needs
and for cooking needs really works. I have everything I
need to make pizzas, creamed potatoes, soups, cakes, casseroles,
just about anything. Doing this has cleared out other areas
to be even more organized. I am throwing things out once and
a while too. Been to donate a car load twice this year...
and this is just the first month.

I have appointments to show homes in Harrisburg Wednesday and
in Indian Trail the following Wednesday. I must call about
webpage and get it set up so the boss can decide if he wants
it or not. If he does and agrees to pay for it. I will pay
to have IDX installed on it. This will allow visitors to
search property by zip code, price, size. It would be an
awesome tool to have. I may even have a blog page.

WOW Can you imagine me writing a blog? I would have to learn
what to say and what not to say. I am not a journalist by no
means but my daughter has been onto me to start a blog. Not
sure what the big deal is but I do intend to start reading
blogs from others in this area to see what they are talking

I will decide that later. Getting too ahead of myself. Lets
get the upgraded webpage first....huh?

There was a movie about this very subject that aired last
night on the Hallmark Channel. Love BY the Book was the name
of it. About a girl who is running a book store and the
big wheel owner comes in one day with his college educated son
asking the girl to let him shadow her for a few weeks. He wants
to come up with new ways to market her store. The acting was
nothing to write about but the blog she created on the new
website kind of parallel to what I am thinking about doing.

Anyway, I need to sit here a while, maybe watch a movie
or something. I hate this cold weather I actually had to
close my window in my bedroom. I still have it cracked.
I got to have my fresh air.

Okay, that is about it from me for now.

I need to keep my shit together...and keep this place
disinfected from germs. I wish he would get over this soon.
I hate it. He did drink a nutra blast of an orange, half a lemon,
little bit of lime, honey and a dash of cinnamon. It was pretty
sour. But it did stop his cough for a while. Maybe I should
put some tequila in it? Hmmmmmmm IF I have to make some
for myself, I will for sure. If I get this crap, I am going
to bed.