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2015-01-25 13:21:50 (UTC)

Sunday crumb cake?

He has been sick since Friday. I have been trying to not catch what
he has. Been using my Lysol whips all over the place. Got some
chicken soup in the crock pot...been working on that since 4:30 am.
It is going to be good.

After cleaning up from making the homemade chicken soup...I sat
a while to rest my feet. I had drank an entire pot of coffee by
now. And he has finally decided to go to bed giving me a chance
to clean the den, sofa rugs...spray Lysol in the air and all over need for all of us getting sick. I can only take
care of one at a time and that does include myself. If I get this
crap, I will be in bed. They would have to fin for themselves till
I crawled out of my room.

I decided to make a cake. So, I studied the pantry or okay
pantries to decide. I pulled out some yellow cake mix and
the Bundt pan. A Bundt cake for us today. Plus, I had already
eaten half of the canned frosting, so a Bundt cake would help
hide that fact. So I started it. Put it in the oven...
had my cake plate ready to turn it onto....and it would not
come out. Instead it fell apart in large clumps. Dear me.

I sat a while and studied the possibilities. I could start over
and make another one throwing this pile of crumbs in the trash.
But they do taste good. So, I decided to get out a plastic bowl
and just crumble it into the bowl. They can eat it with a spoon
or just with their hands. I am not trying to make another one.

So, instead, I stirred the soup, made a new pot of coffee to be
turned on when someone wakes up....had the crumb cake in the
bowl with an air tight lid. They will have no idea that
this is dessert for today until they peep to see. LOL

Got my iron frying pan out and prepared the corn bread. It is
in the oven right now. I used cocoanut oil in it today. Never
tried this before...and only used one egg. I could have
probably used two egg whites instead. Will think of that next
time. I can smell it cornbread will go nicely
with that pot of chicken soup.

I am exhausted already........

I am taking the corn bread out to cool. Then I will make
a pan of omelet muffins...they can eat them all morning...

and I will be done in here.....

time to go fold some towels.

Him being sick has reminded me of all he does for me.
I hated going to the grocery store....and I hate having
to cook each meal on top of everything else I do.

Hope he feels better soon. I do not like seeing him under
the weather...