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2015-01-23 14:36:12 (UTC)

Homebound Friday

On this job, he gets an actual check to deposit or cash. This has
given me something to do today. I must make a bank deposit. Last
night I had planned to run store too today after going to the bank.
After awaking to cold icy rain with the high only topping 40 degrees
today? Not on my watch sweetie. I will not being going out in this
mess today. My son does not work on Fridays, he is here. He can
go to bank and run to pick up fish for dinner tonight. I will go
no where. Not in this mess.

Today was the first day to test my old habit out to see if it actually
does help the pain. This fybro has flared up big time on me. And to
top that off, one of my knees suddenly turn red and burned and itched
like it was on fire yesterday all afternoon, and into the night even
after taking two showers to help ease the discomfort.

No problem with the skin on my knee today. So far. My feet and hips
are aching like a fucker. But that was earlier. At this moment in
time the pain has eased off, but I do not like the high you get from
smoking pot. I do not like that at all. However, I did get a lot
more done around here yesterday. My creative hat was on. I took
time to watch some of my own videos of me singing in the kitchen. I
miss those days. I wish I could go back and re live each of the
jam session days again. I was too anxious and some of the facial
expressions looked way to retarded to not be embarrassed a little
about them. But I was sitting in my office chair singing the hell
out of those old songs. One I had mentioned to my buddy while
out of town when she was talking about that guy, I said hey wait a minute, this reminds me of that song I wrote. SIMPLE GIRL...

yeah, I could not remember enough of it to sing for her to
remember it....she has heard it. And it totally fit into
what she was the time. I enjoyed doing that
yesterday..once again feeling like I have my life back. Feels good.

Then, the UPS truck pulled in. OMG! I had both large items that
I ordered recently. A vacuum and another laptop. I saw this one
(using now) on HSN the other night. Just like the other one, but
larger. This one weighs 12 pounds and I can really tell the
difference in the other one only weighing 6 lbs. I like it, but
kind of ordered it when I was thinking I was going to be gaining
an office. Not sure what to do with it. I now have two new laptops
one new desktop. I still have no actual place for the desktop and
it is rarely turned on. It even has touch screen. I am pretty
sure I ordered it to replace the other laptop which I seriously did
not feel would start acting up on me now? It still looks new to
me. But I need to be able to open a PDF file. I can not on it.

So I have saved them to be able to open elsewhere.

Then that vac. Lord it is so good. I thought it was going to suck
up the entire room. FInally I have on board hand tools. I can use
it for corners...and sofa and chairs. I used it a little yesterday.

My son came home early yesterday too. I talked him into hauling off
all the cardboard boxes in the garage. I really needed that Vac.
But I certainly did not need this laptop. But it is a tax
deduction. I may be able to sell it to my BFF. She is looking
for something like this. Not sure what to do yet. Maybe keep them.

I was still tire yesterday from my mountain area visit. I did manage
to get some things done. My text product really helps the pain...and get
me up out of bed.

My design cap was on earlier and I came up with the perfect
solution for the kitchen, dining area. OMG! THIS IS PERFECT.
He will not have to knock down any walls. Less electrical...
he told me last night he was actually going to hire an
electrician to help with this remodel. We can get this entire house
re-wired...while the walls are open up waiting on new sheetrock.
It would be safer, an upgrade that will make it more sellable...and
also will make it easier to live in here.

This was supposed to be a busy day. I will have to find
something to do. Might be a good day to offer to help wash the
sons clothes since he is going to be running my errands today.