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2015-01-22 00:56:40 (UTC)

Reconnecting to the dark side

My trip was a trip. My friend had told me she lived in a very
small trailer. I was expecting a camper size. But to my surprise,
it was much bigger with a bedroom on each end and a huge living area
in the middle area. I stayed the night. I had not planned on
that, but we talked so long, I did not want to drive home
in the dark. So, we got up early and went to have breakfast...

she talked about her new bf a lot. She always finds herself in
these confusing relationships. this guy sounds like someone
she has a lot in common with. She seems to like him a lot.
But listening to her talk about him for hours on end became
stale in time. I wanted to see her new art...and find out
when her next opening is. We finally got to that later...

She has lost a lot of weight. We are about the same size now.
So, if she keeps this up, she will be smaller than
I need to get back on track.

I was glad to get home...

very tired.

Cancelled my doctors appointment....and will reschedule.

I was wore slap out today.

But did manage to cook dinner and wash clothes when I got
home for the guys.

All is good