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2015-01-19 16:36:56 (UTC)

Finally got some anwsers

Okay with all this alone time I have and feeling like my life is
almost back to normal again, I decided to talk to my daughter
today about our issues. Looks like I was worrying about
absolutely nothing. We did discuss the will thing....and I
revisited our reasons for leaving the house to my son. She
remembered me talking to her about it then and also agreed
that was a good way to handle it. My husband has two
daughters from his first marriage who have treated him like
shit for the entire time I have known him. They are included
in our will. But, they do not get the house. Giving it too
my son would prevent them from stepping foot here after our
deaths thinking they have the right to go through things...
or take whatever they want. They would not have that right.

So, she said there was nothing wrong..she was just busy with
her girls. One is in bible study, one is in girl scouts...
and the other one in with her job and them and
trying to keep things done around there, she never has time
to talk anyone much..and said that the girls do not go
see their other grandmother hardly at all either and
she lives right down the road. So, we worked it out.

Today I am putting together some things to take to my
friend tomorrow. She is going to be syked. I kept finding
things that I had put away for her...and now have them all
together...she is going to be so happy. I am looking
forward to this visit very much.

I also saw a link on line to order some cannabis oil...
so I did it too. It comes with one of those vapor
things people use to try to quit smoking. I am going
to use it for that too. If it works at all. I could
have just got totally ripped off.

But we shall see. I will have the real stuff too soon....
and my deck is looking better each day....

I will be working on getting someone out here to take down
the wall at back of garage that boarders my deck..and replace
it so we can set up having the sliding replaced and I
can have a gutter installed to prevent this damage from
continuing to our deck, First step.....

I need to charge up my camera...and take care of a few
things around here...,

taking a donation to the store then I can load up the car
with the stuff for my friend. I am giving her my old juicer
which is not really that old and works great....and a whole
bunch of other things...she is going to be so happy.

tomorrow will be a wonderful day...

and now that I know my daughter is ok....and we have
worked it all out....I think she realizes that she is
forgiven...for that crap before..and we too can return
to normal.