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2015-01-19 00:35:14 (UTC)

Sunday football......

With him gone to work I have been watching tv in his area of the a I got to prepare today to watch the games here after my BFF did not feel like getting out yet. That was fine with I went to the a bag of Doritos...a jar of dip them in...a box of chicken wings...and cooked them
as soon as I returned home and a six pack. Of course I got a few
other things to cook the guys for style ribs..barbecued.....mac and cheese....brussel sprouts...and cold slaw.

All is is over.


The packers should have won that game in the 4th. That last touchdown
that seattle got should have not counted. That guys foot was clearly out of bounds. DAMN I hate that. I understand it is not the players or the teams is the damn officals. I bet they all live underground all year long to avoid a good old ass stomping.

Anyway....the guys are here I am going to talk to them
a while....and then go crawl into bed.

I will be heading up toward Asheville on Tuesday to visit my
buddy who lives up there. I have not seen her in a while...
and I can purchase some herbs up there if I decide to do so.

Just depends....

I have not partaked in herbal in a while....

oh, when I got home, I opened the doritos, the cheese...and a cold
beer. I was eating that crap like I had never eaten before in
my life...I had to make myself beer got warm and I
had to sit it in the frig and open another one. Then I tried to
eat some chicken wings...could only eat four. I was stuffed...

I am bloated. Could not even drink but two beers.

Damn I am becoming a full blown whimp.


I just hope the damn colts do not win tonight. I am pissed at
them for beating my broncos. How dare they.

The way I see it, the superbowl will suck like hell this year
at this point.

I really wanted the packer to be in it.