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2015-01-17 22:15:07 (UTC)

Learning secrets

Staying in today. Not sure why I did not plan on going outside
today it is beautiful here today. I do have the front door open
and a couple windows open.

Woke up to the husband gone. I could get used to this...what a nice
surprise for him to finally return to work.

He knew I did not plan on cooking last night, but today when he comes
home, there will be a roasted chicken, fresh Brussels sprouts and
a potatoes/onion dish that I prepare that he likes.

The chicken is in the oven now...

The son got up to French toast and we had time to have a long
talk today. He has noticed that his sister never calls, never
stops by and he wanted to know what was up with all that. He
knows about her shenanigans with my debit card last year. He
told me something that she said to him recently that may be
a hint to why she is acting this way. He had called her after
one of those school bus accidents...making sure she was ok. He
said he is not sure what they were talking about, but she made
a comment that he was spoiled and he was getting everything..
talking about when I am my husband die. Hmmmmm?

Well, that is not exactly true. Yes, we have wills in place and
she is the executor if it for now. We did leave this house to
my son, but there is enough money to be left to make up for
that. She does not know all that, but she does know that he
gets the house. Apparently she is under the impression that I
made her the executor leaving him the house and it would be
up to her to make sure all the bills are paid and divide up
the rest. She must think we have a lot of bills. We do not.

This could be why she feels so entitled to steal from me while
I am alive. She is also forgetting that I have helped her a LOT
in her adult life. Many many times I have bailed her out of
jams and I paid for her school, her books and many times I have
paid for her MLS dues so she can stay in business. It is not
my place to continue doing this. At some point, she needs
to be responsible and do things herself. I hate to think that
she now hates me and wants very little to do with me because
of that will.

I can change it again. I plan on doing so anyway since I know
she may not be trusted to handled things and may find herself in
trouble. When we first did it, we included his daughters...
when I redo it, I will be excluding them in my will. He can
do whatever he wants. But why leave my daughter in it if she
is going to treat me like shit while I am alive? I may just
make my son the executor and let him take care of what is
done afterwards. I would rather the granddaughters have a
little nest egg than expect my daughter to take a bunch of
money and better he she has proven over again
that she is not a money handler. Hell, we won't have millions
of dollars to deal with. Not much at all. But enough to settle

I am leaving my son the house because he has no home. She has a
husband and a home. She is never going to move here. EVER.

My son has been here to help us when we are sick, when my husband
has had his surgeries and had to stop working. She never even
came here or to the hospital to see him. She never offered to
help out in anyway shape or form. She did ask me during that
time to pay her MLS dues a time or two.

You know I love her to death. She has always been the light in
my life. I was a single parent with her until she was 7. I had
no child support. I was doing it on my own. I did the best I could.

Now, after that we were better off and she has always had what she
needed and most of what she wanted. I tried to raise both of my
kids to respect me and this family.

I guess I screwed up somewhere.

I am so upset that I am thinking of defriending her on facebook...
and never answer the phone when she calls. But you know I won't do
any of that.

My son said his father never returned his calls when he tried to
get in touch with him for his birthday and the holidays. he does
not know why he is being giving the cold shoulder either.....

not sure what to think about any of this.

I know it hurts. I am disappointed. I have been disappointed
for a while now. You never get use to that. But I will not
let it eat me up. I will not worry about it too much..

I can not make her act right....or call. All she had to do
is ask me about that will thing. And I would have told her
I was planning on changing it make it more
equal. But never got the chance before she began stabbing me
in the back.


at least the chicken smells good