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2015-01-17 13:30:17 (UTC)

Saturday update

Yesterday went well. I managed to get my buddy to the doctor, she got
her shot and returned her back home safe and sound. I told her I was
not staying this time cause I knew she would not sit down or relax
with me there. I got her settled though and made sure she had everything she needed in reachable distance. She was good.

Earlier in the morning I made my calls to the gas company checking
on the two addresses that I showed a buyer the day before. We needed to know if the gas line was plumbed in for the range. It was not at either
address. And because each of them were built on a slab, unless the range was located at an outside wall, it would not be possible to add.

So, there was no reason for me to even attend to showing for the
for sale by owner. I sent the boss with him and said I would be
ready if he actually wanted to present an offer. He did not.

This was my husbands first day back to work in a while so I was
a bit anxious about that. I did want to stay close to home just
in case he needed something.

I was on my way home from taking my friend to her house when my
phone rang. It was my son. He was concerned about dinner. He was
thinking my husband was working out of town and we would surely
starve to death. LOL I told him I was not cooking today but would
bring us both food home when I returned. My husband and I had already made arrangements for him to pick up something on his way home, because
I was thinking I may be working late myself if my buyer was interested
in presenting an offer.

So, my son is spoiled now. For the past two years, my husband has
done most of the cooking. Now, I cook from time to time when
they ask me too. But there is no reason to think my son and I would
starve to death or overdose on take out if my husband was out of town.

Silly boy.

He is working today too. I am not sure what day will be his day off
but none the less I am on wife mode now. I have a chicken laying out
right now to thaw. I will be either roasting it or making chicken soup with cornbread. And tomorrow, I will cook again....just like I always did when he worked.

Back to normal? Not yet. But it is a trail run to normal.

In other news, I am trying to decide if I should upgrade my
website. The boss said he would help pay for it if it is what
we want. So, I activated the trial for 30 days. I can also
add IDX which will add a search feature on there so when I
have buyers who insist on going to Zillow or sites like
that, I can send them to our webpage to search there. I think
it is reasonable enough to pay for and if it works out that
the boss will help pay for the upgraded website...
which is the name of our company and we will each have
email addresses that will also be the name of our company...
then, I will pay for the IDX feature. I think it would be cool.

I have been trying to add the boss to the site as an agent...
but so far it is not showing up. I have set him up to be able
to log into the account. Although he will not need to do that since I actually am the administrator. I am going to have to call the 800 number to get some help setting it up before he sees it. I want
him to be impressed....if he is not....I am stuck doing it myself.
I may be able to keep it like it is and add the IDX search feature
so I will be finding out as soon as I start working on it.
None the less, we now have a company website with our company name.
I was very surprised that the domain name was available.

Time will tell.

It is different being in the house knowing that he is at work...
and he does not get home until around 8:00 at night. He was sore
last night, but said it will be ok as he knows he will need to
condition his body to all that standing. He does not have to climb
any stairs to the Crane at this job site..and he can stand below
and use a remote to operate it.

I hope this is the beginning of him getting his life back to normal.