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2015-01-15 05:16:34 (UTC)

For Jay

Dear Jay,
I wrote something for you today... A poem, i write alot of poetry that nobody will ever see..specially not the people its about, and i never dedicate anything to anyone...
I'm no Author, probably no good but thats okay, i write for my sanity not anyine else's :p
Anyways but...i just had you on my heart today...
You were in my thoughts and in my prayers.

And i may use this theme of "world or chances" for other things cause i'm living the message so if you or anyone else sees similar stuff to this don't freak.
Its mine i suppose i can use it how ever i want.

Anyways here's what i wrote for you today...don't take any of the negitive to heart, in this poem you have to have the negitive to understand the positive, you'll see what i mean in a second...
You mean the world to me, your like a brother and i love you.

"World of Chances"

They think your making a mess out of things.
They still love you dispite what you do.
Family has a world of chances for you.

We see your good, bad, struggles and vicory's
All of those things that make you shine through.
Friends have a world of chances for you.

I see your words almost every single day.
Your strong and sturdy, lost and broken too.
I've got a world of chances for you.
He knows all about your doubt and pain
He heals the hurt and makes you new.
Gods got a world of chances for you.

Okay sooo...
I feel like this is really personal...personal to your life, and personal in my thoughts and as my written words.
I hope your not offended by any of it...because its meant to say that no matter what happens in any area of your life your never alone, your always going to have people that love you, and care about you, who will never give up on you.
God being the most of all of these to be honest.
We all mess up, we all say things we regret, we all sin, we all cry, get angry, doubt, lose it, and we all deserve sencond chances, heck, third, fourth, fith,sixth, seventh chances weather we are getting them, or giving them.
The way i see it thats what God does, he never gives up, he always gives us the second chances we need no matter what.

So I really enjoyed talking with you today(haha i ususlly do of course)
But idk today was just a good conversation...and it wasn't anything in particular, just the usual things but i found myself smiling as i talked with you.
And i hope, that i do the same for you, cheer you up, make you smile.
Cause your great!
Love ya talk to you soon.