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2015-01-15 00:46:37 (UTC)

New group of friends....

My horrible morning turned into a pretty good afternoon. I went
back to the new place to get my hair done. Met the new hair dresser
who just happens to be one of my neighbors. We had a lot in common
and lots to talk about. Then, the lady returned who I spoke to
this morning and she talked to me about her new realtor career.
She knows the realtor I was trying to recruit. We also had a lot
to talk about.

In the meantime, the lady put the color on my hair, set a timer
and she did NOT take on any new customers while working on me.
She told me that she would never do that since it is so important
to get the color off when time was up...unlike the other girl
who I have been going too. She had fried my hair before. I did
not reveal her name, but did tell about her not being there when
I got there three appointments in a row...and today she did not
even show up at all. I was a wreck about it this morning...

by the time I walked out of there, I had learned about some free
exercise classes down town that these ladies attend, got everyone
of their numbers, and already scheduled a trim in 6 weeks....
and have a lunch date with the realtor who is going to make sure
the other realtor I liked so much comes too.

Not only all that my hair looks great!

I am a happy girl.

Now, tomorrow will be less stressful, as I am ready for it.

Hopefully we will have one under contract by this time

More money.....

more happy clients.......

and another reason to smile.

Just wait for it....

and believe!