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2015-01-14 16:17:40 (UTC)

Hate the wait

I made the appointment to have my hair done last week. As I sat there
once again on time wondering where she was I double checked my phone
as we corresponded through a text to set it up. I was there 5 minutes
early. Sat there for 40 minutes with no text, no call to let me
know she was running late.

This happened last time too. And the time before that.
Actually when she left the color on my hair three times
longer than she told me she was, it was one of those time
where she had been running late. By the time she got to
me...had that dye on my hair, her next appointment came in
and she had started on I had to wait. I had
to wait too long...and my hair was way darker than I
had wanted it to be. I only wanted one shade darker...
not the blackest color on earth.

So, today...after waiting so long...and feeling hopeless...
wondering if I should just use the spray paint tomorrow
on my roots...or go by drug store and get one of those
kits....and do it myself? Then realizing....all of that
was way too risky...I headed toward home instead. As I
got closer trying to recall where I saw the sign
that said Walk ins welcome....and about that time,
I passed it. Walk-ins I turned around and
walked in. They could not get to me right away
but we made an appointment for three today. The lady
I talked too is a realtor too...gave me her card.

So I came home still wanted to bust out crying...thinking
that the first girl...who does my BFFs hair too....and my
sons...just did not appreciate me very much. I hated
feeling defeated...not sure what it was. Probably more

I hate waiting on someone. I am sick of people telling me
to meet them somewhere at 8:00 and not show up until after
9:00..hell my BFF missed our friends funeral....and last
time we met for dinner...I had to eat an appetizer before
she got there...

so from now on....I will not meet people for dinner...and sit
there and wait. If they are not there when there on time,
I am going to order and go ahead and eat. When they get there
and they are late...and their food is ordered after I start...
and I finish before them....guess what? I am leaving.

See u later, I have a early day tomorrow ....see ya.
Let them sit there by themselves....and see how it

Same thing with meeting at the club. I am always on time...
and do not plan on staying long. But from now on...I am
still going to be on time...and when they get there late...

See ya...I was not planning on staying out too late...tonight
enjoy yourself......see how they like sitting there alone...

I am sick of it.

I hope this place I go too today does a good job....
I will never go back to this girl...

she can kiss it.