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2015-01-12 23:46:41 (UTC)

Finally made the decision

About 35 minutes ago, I put it on. A nicotine patch.

Smoked my last cigarette, emptied nasty ashtray and removed
it from the room. I walked in the other side of the house
and told him that I have quit and I will need his support.

I bought a domain here on this site. One, could not believe
it was available and two, it was very reasonable. Now, I have
sent the information to my webmaster at my website and hoping
it will be set up soon with the new name. I actually was
able to get the name of our company. A little long, but still
if you want to go to it, you just type it in and go...
if this works out like I want it too, I may upgrade my
site so I can include the boss and my daughter on it. I will
have to pay more, but will be getting they
are great at helping taking care of things for me....all
emails come from them...anyone wants to get in touch with
me, they go through them first. I like that security.

I am waiting to see how it all works out before telling the
boss. I hope he is happy about it.

We will be working together this week...and if these people
put in an offer, we will have another fat ass check coming
in by March....and really...that would be great. I have some
things going on, but still not happening. IN this business
we have to wait till someone makes a decision....

but my life....for my life
I made the decision....

I will never smoke again.


Wait and see.

I am stronger than you may have thought