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2015-01-11 21:17:47 (UTC)

Up date on the OIL

Talked to my friend who knows someone who knows someone else.
She has the word out that I am in need of some of that oil
I mentioned in an earlier post. I will not only be getting it..
but I will be getting it for free.

People love me.

That Nutri bullet RX has arrived. I have been using it too...
have restored some energy...but not much.

I am not even sure what to do with the oil. I am also getting
some butter.....I know I can just spread it on
help ease the pain. We shall see.

A new experience for me which I will be sharing with all
of you.

Also, Turkey Tail Mushroom has been suggested. I have some
one looking for some of that too.

Wow....all I said to them was I had a cancer scare to deal

it never fails to amaze me how people will step up
to the plate when you really do not expect anyone to
give a shit.

I guess I need to stop being so hard on myself...
I must have done something worthy to have so many
people willing to go this far to help me....

feels good

that alone was a big help