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2015-01-11 21:10:40 (UTC)

Greenbay and Quarterbacks

I have waiting for this day all week. I love the Greenbay Packers
and I have always been a Denver Broncos fan. What I have had an
issue with today watching this Dallas Cowboys playing Greenbay is
why do they keep the so called star Quarterbacks in during such
an important game while they are injured. I think the back up
QBs should be as good as the star so they can one, use them
when the star is injured...and two, not let the star QB risk
getting injured worse and not be able to play in the SuperBowl.

But I am just a silly old woman...what do I know?

Had planned on going down to the pub to watch it, but decided
to instead watch it from my bed. I can scream profanities at
the refs and players I love to hate and not risk offended
anyone, I won't be eating bar food and risk a clogged artery...
nor will I be drinking ice cold beer and cussing like a sailor.

Not sure what it is about these important games, but I do
think I have a old coot swearing sailor as a personality that
likes to raise a little hell while watching these games.

It is strange around here this time of year. I guess football
season is my only favorite thing about winter. I hate winter.
But my husband does not like football....well, he likes to
hate the Charlotte Panthers for two reasons. He hates anything
about Charlotte which is opposite of most other people who live
near here....and two, they have a black QB nd he hates that.
He is an old racist son of a bitch. I can not enjoy watching t
he Panther games and usually do go to the pub to enjoy them
with other fans. But not yesterday. Too damn I
watched it here and enjoyed it. Hated they lost. But I enjoyed
they made it this far.

My Broncos play later.....after this game.....
looks like the Packers are playing hard to win this one.

I still feel a back up QB should have been used in this
entire game. Rogers is injured from when that Moron stomped
on his ankle a couple weeks ago. He should have been benched
to give himself more time to heal. Why have a back up
QB if they are not going to back you up? HEll, if this is
the way it works. maybe I should try to be the back
up QB for Cam Newton? I can sit on the bench....and collect
the big money for nothing. Okay, maybe not. But you get
my drift. Speaking of Cam....I think he is one of the best
quarter backs the Panthers have ever had. I honestly think
Cam would be better off if he played for a better team.
Just sayin

Next week will be very busy for me. I get my hair done on
Wednesday....showing a bunch of property on Thursday....
and take my BFF to doctor on Friday.

I think I will go out along on Friday night. I need to take
my guitar to the pub. Their son said he would tune it for me.
I am going to let him take it home for a while and break it
in......he will be delighted to do this for me.

I think I have to get out of this house to enjoy more of life...
sometimes. They love it when I come down there....I love it too.
I love showing clients love me. I love it.
When I am here. I feel like I am stuck in someone elses life...
and I do not belong here.

I can only hope that I live long enough to really be happy