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2015-01-11 14:34:16 (UTC)


Morning came way to soon, from 2:00am to 7:40am
I went to sleep feeling sick and sad... Woke up feeling sick and sad.
Yep guess being lied to will do that to you.
My god why am i so freaking surprised!??!
Should have known, should have not been so trusting...
I'm an idiot.
Believing in the best of people?
Maybe thats a useless thing now adays...
I'm so tired from lack of sleep, emotional crap, and its freaking cold!
I hate the cold...specially when it reflects my emotions... Mm nope people might want to watch out today...
I'm tired, hurt, and defensive... Ready for a fight but i don't want one.
I just want to read, want to curl up and read...(coping method guys)

Actually i want to be held by someone and for them to tell me that trust isn't stupid and thst its going to be okay.
I want someone to read to me or just talk soothingly until i fall asleep and be there when i wake up.
I want to skip today, not to have business meeting, not deal with Jake, Brandy, People....
Uhh sucks so bad!

*Takes deep breath*
This is the day the lord has made i will rejoice and be glad in it.
Its okay...i feel of balence, God holds it all in his hands.
It will be okay.