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2015-01-10 22:11:22 (UTC)

Today and Tomorrow

So it's Saturday, I went to the memorial service to support Hannah and Andrew, it went well I guess.
I couldn't help but watch their parents watching them... and it's so odd.
the judgment in their eyes, it's unreal.
I also saw Ladonna give a baby and it's parents a death glare during the service because the baby was crying...ummm yeah... babies are going to cry that's what they do. You as a mother should understand that fact.
I tried to sit there and listen to the service with out any of the negative feelings toward Terry and Ladonna, Even Daniel( though for different reasons) come out but it was difficult.
You don't hurt People I care about and expect me to be okay with it and you.
I also don't like fake people, the people who pretend that everything's okay when it's not, pretend to be perfect family's when your not and act like self righteous I'm better than you because of this or that attitudes.
Nobody's perfect, No family is the perfect situation no one is better than anyone else for any reason, sin isn't judged on a scale of 1-10
The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

Which I guess is something I need to remember tomorrow when maybe all hell will break lose in a business meeting tomorrow night because of The Stupid genius and the Pawner
I swear I will confront the person who so much as looks at The Hulk the wrong way...I wll not let anyone hurt Him or the Queen.
I'm getting geared up, Prayed up, getting ready for a fight.