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2015-01-08 20:56:09 (UTC)

question of the day day8

getting this out of the way guys cause I'm very sure that I won't have a lot of time later to write...Salt and I are...staging and Intervention on pepper and all hell may break loose.

There's also a lot of freaking Drama and scary stuff going on in the church with people...so yeah I'm feeling like my own freak attack will come soon but I just gotta get through today excluding only peaceful thought and emotions...( yeah no pressure there guys...uhhhh)

so onto the question.

Mood: Worried
Song: Everything's gonna be alright
From Alvin and the chipmonks meet the wolf man...

Question Prompt
Who do you love and what are you doing about it?

I love my family and I'm helping with the kids and the house and such because I love them.
I love my dad and I'm looking out for him with all this stuff going on and I'm not going to let anyone stab him in the back.

I love my friends and I'm doing my best to pray for them and listen and just be a good example and a Loyal friend...

I might love Charming and I'm not doing, nor will I be doing anything about that...yeah love is freaking scary and complicated.