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2015-01-08 17:13:19 (UTC)

Freezing Thursday

In North Carolina, we are not use to freezing as hell temps but
today, we are living in the teens. All day long with the gust
of winds making it even closer to zero. I hate it.

It is times like this that it would be nice to have a roaring
fireplace to sit near by and listen to the burning wood as
the smell fills the house. This is not the case here, but if
it was, I would certainly enjoy the winter months a bit more.

I checked the tracking of my Nutri-Bullet and it left Greensboro
at 3:00 am. If it arrives today, I would be surprised. I do not
expect it until tomorrow at this point.

I have continued to clean out my closet and re organize it this
morning. With the piles of clothes ready to be put in my car
and still can not believe that all those things came out of my
closet. with the recent moving things around, it still looks
stuffed with clothes. I have not even started on the top shelves.

With the amount of dust that collects there, I need to out things
there that are in boxes. Like shoe boxes or suit cases. Not sure
if that stuff will fit but I am still attempting to get something
accomplished each day.

I try each morning to go through a step to stop smoking. I am
thinking of it more. I have the patches out too....just not
done it yet. But I am preparing for this mentally and physically
by forcing myself to give it thought.

Writing the obituary was a part of that mental preparation.
Yes, I do stupid things, but as you can see, I am very
intelligence in my efforts to take back control of my life.

I am still wishing they would legalize pot in NC. The first thing
I would want is the oil...and I would make butter from it. I
have a FB friend who is on top of the most recent research and
I am ready to be cured....of the pain and I really feel this
is the way to do it.

I am dreaming of it. Last night I had a dream where I was going
through some items I had purchased at a consignment shop and
I found a small bag of pot in a zipped up pocket. WHAT LUCK
and certainly a dream.

I have no one here to get it from. When I get it, I have to
drive a ways as I do not want to bring it up to anyone here...
I do not want anyone here to know that I have it, use it
or know where to get it. I have been thinking of doing a
drive soon to see if I can get some and also try to get some
butter made of it. Not sure how that would work, but I know
someone who makes it and she knows someone who uses the butter
that she makes...and she uses it for pain too. But she does
not smoke it. I do not want to smoke it either. But I would
use the oil if I can figure out how to make it.

I know I should not talk about this here but sometimes I get the
feedback that I need..with instructions. Which would be
greatly appreaciated.

I think something is wrong with me. I know I have some skin
cancer going on. Will learn more by the end of the month.
When I had cancer in the 80's the skin was the first sign.
I was lucky to live through that, but I did. At this age,
I will have to seek smarter ways to survive. It is a scientific
fact that chemotherapy does not work most of the time. Not sure
about radiation. But I am sure the oil from pot is helping
people. I saw a story today where a older man who had been
using the oil walked out of a hospice center cured after
using it.


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