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2015-01-08 07:11:53 (UTC)

Question of the day, day 7

Uhhh its late....
I suck at this everyday writeing thing guys... I really do.
Just got home from more time with Salt and pepper.
Also saw Charming and Sour patch.... Had a complete freakin freak out...omg.
This stuff is getting so heavy... And i don't want to be the one to talk tonthem! Also no frwakun FB messages.... :(

Timothy brought Matti to church which is great but i'm so confused... uhh i'll ask about tjay in the morning which by the way will be coming toooo soooon. so lets move on to the reason for the entry...

Mood: Tired and emotionally drained.
Song: There isn't one... its after one in the morning.

Question prompt:
Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

Guys its what 8 days into the new year and it feels like an eternity... all thats come up is drama, freak outs, Exaustion, worry, Laugh's, Dreams, and above all Questions lots of questions...
which i have voiced even when i didn't want to...
i feel like i haven't gotten alot of answers but i've asked alot of questions.

But i think in general i'm a Courious person i like knowing things and if you never ask you'll never know...so yeah i ask questions.

The bible says Ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you shall find....thats kinda what i'm going with right now i guess.

Okay so i'm going to go to sleep and write about this day tomorrow... Because it has been yhe lonest day of the year as of yet... And that saying something... If you've seen the last 8 days of my life anyways... Sleep...