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2015-01-07 19:49:36 (UTC)

Cleaning out everything

I got up today looking forward to receiving my Nutri Bullet today.
Got am email yesterday that it had been shipped. In my excitement
of its arrival, I decided to start cleaning out my closet. My goal
was to remove anything in there that I could not wear....all the
size large, mediums are gone now and I finally have room to
properly have clothes that actually fit in there so I do not have
to fight through all the crap that does not. Then, I went into
the kitchen and started emptying out the cabinets or shelves that
have items on them that we have not touched in years. I loaded the
dishwasher with cups, bowls and things I intended to donate and
the sick was full of things to hand wash. I like to make sure
everything is clean. Although, everything should have been
clean...I just wanted them to be freshly clean. So, I have
shelves that I can place things on that I use. Tomorrow, I may
start on the pantry. We have two. So, this will be a chore.

It is almost three and the Nutri bullet has not arrived yet.
Probably will not get here until tomorrow. But that is okay.
I have a place for it..and I intend to use it to do a cleanse...
and make soups..hoping to help gain some energy and loose
some weight.

Time will tell.

The guy at the bank called apologizing for the wasting time
yesterday. I explained to him that I did not mind leaving
after noticing others who seemed to have more important
things to do than me. All I wanted to do was change
the type of account I have and order some checks. He
went on to say there were several other services that
I qualify for that he wanted to introduce me too. Holy
shit....they want to talk me into a credit card or
moving our mortgage to them.....or some shit like that.

I do not have a mortgage. My home and everything in it
including cars are all paid for. I owe no one a dime.

Lets see how this works....made the appointment for
next week.

then the boss called....I was excited to see his number
on my caller ID. OH boy....he is going to tell me about
the bonus. His words busted my bubble. All the client
sent us were gift cards to a couple places to eat.

So, I told him he could have them as I do not usually
eat over in that area. He was ok with that and said
maybe we can have lunch together at one of the places
and do a meeting lunch thing. I was ok with that.

What a cheap ass....I was expecting a know.
MONEY? I saved that man thousands of dollars getting
that place closed before end of year. His capital gains
taxes on any sell of real estate rose drastically at the
beginning of this year.


what the fuck ever.

I got shot to do around here......

still looking to getting healthier