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2015-01-07 06:00:28 (UTC)

question of the day, day 6

Ahh i have 10 minute left in today to write sheesh i gotta keep up with this better!

Mood: Hurry up and Wait.
Song: Red by Taylor swif
Time 11:51pm.....

Question prompt:
What do you wish you'd spent more time doing 5 years ago?

Five years ago i was 15 and i wish so much i had spent more time studying and learning and really working hard on my Education.
I wish i had been taking it more seriously and putting into it what i wanted/ needed to get out of it.
I know now of course how much time i wasted and how important it was.
I feel like i need some of that now, things i don't remember or didn't pay enough attention to in the first place and i regret it now. Legit.
I don't blame anyone but my self for this and should anyone... Who was involved read this they shouldn't feel bad or like its their fault because it isn't.
You have to want to learn to learn.
You will get out what you put in, if you work hard you'll go far.
Thats just what i think.
Anyways thats all for this prompt...
As its 12:00am now.