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2015-01-07 00:53:21 (UTC)

Wasted day

I sat at the bank for 40 minutes waiting on the reps that I had
an appointment with at 2. I was ten minutes early. He had to
leave the office before I got there and I was waiting for the
other guy who was taking his meetings. A couple other people
showed up after me who seemed to be in a hurry. So, I decided
to tell the administrative assistant to give me a call to
make my appointment later in the week.

I went off to shop for my cleansing food. It was fun to get
almost everything on the list. I even found coconut oil and
coconut I am ready with the property ingredients
when my new appliance gets here. I am not wait.

When I got home he had already been to home depot. But he
forgot the light for my bed. That was disappointing since I
had already a pile of paper work to go through. He said he
would do it tomorrow.

Do, tonight I am watching the graduate.

I do not remember anything about this movie. It is a lot
better than I recalled.

I did forget to get gas in my car. He was nice enough to
take it when I got home to fill it up.

I am looking forward to the I taped
Dr. Oz today and for the first time, I have everything he
mentioned in his 3 day cleanse where you can loose up
to five pounds in 3 days. We shall see about all that.

I have an appointment on Thursday. I need to get my roots
done this week....have a showing appointment next week...
and take my BFF to get another shot in her back. Then
the next week I go back to dermatologist to see more
about the skin cancer. The juicing is about that too.

I have not heard from the boss this week. I am still
wondering if we got a bonus on that last deal. I guess
he is still waiting as I am to learn if we did or if we
did not.

Anyway.....sorry this is so rambling...
hoping the cleansing will help my focus too.

Oh, BTW, I wrote a draft of my obituary today....
just in case.

Hoping it will increase my energy and if it does