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2015-01-06 02:30:12 (UTC)

question of the day, day 5

OK so i'm doing this right now before i forget...again.

Mood: Spaced out
Song: If everyone cared by Nickleback

Question prompt:
What life lesson did you learn the Hard way?

I think i've learned alot of life lessons the hard way because i'm a stubborn person and when i think something, its hard to change my mind once i've made up my mind even if its wrong.
But the lesson i want to talk about today is probably The neccesity of letting go of Toxic people in your life.

So i've had alot of Toxic people in my life most of which didn't start out that way but its ended up that way.
Friendships where theres betrayal, and Two facedness,
Where i was trying to be a loyal friend and a good person the whole stick with you till the end type of person.
And i kept on getting hurt. Over and over treated wrongly, abused, treated like dirt and was still hanging on to these people.
There come a time when the pain of letting go is less then the pain of hanging on.
At least with people sometimes thats the way it is.

And its Incredibly heart breaking but you really can't have good friendships anf relationships until you've truely let go of the bad ones.
You can't start the next chapter of your life until you stop reading the last one.
So...when your interactions with a person are more negitive than positive, when it hurt more to be around them than it does to not be around them, thats a sign that its time to ley that person go.

That doesn't mean you stop caring, that doesn't mean you don't miss them, that doesn't mean you treat them badly. It just means you are not allowing yourself to be hurt by this person... And that will take time, distance may take time.
And i don't know that you ever stop caring about the friend, that you'll ever stop missing the good things.
If you do stop caring or become indifferent i'll let you know, my expierence in this well inhaven't.
When i see or do certain things it triggers memories, when i hear something that was a privite joke i still want to text this person and share the laugh, but i don't because its better this way...
Its not easy but its worth it to let go of the toxic people in your life.
Because life is too short to be anything but happy.
You'll be okay, you'll find new friends, better people are out there, Good friendships andvrelationships will come, your not alone and you won't be.
Don't be afraid to branch out, befriend someone you never thought you would... That petsin may change your life :)

I would know...All of this has happened to me.
And it will be okay.