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2015-01-05 16:37:59 (UTC)

Monday solutions

I finally talked the insurance man about my situation and how
I have been harassed so much by representatives of the
Obamacare. He understood and looked into a policy I could
get outside of Obamacare, but I was shocked at the cost and
could not risk having to pay that much. He explained to me
that I do not have to talk to them when they call and told
me how to respond to their questions by telling them I can
not answer right now and please do not call me back again
unless it is an emergency. We both will be drawing social
security and I can only make so much money on my own
in doing there should be no issue. He said that
even if I do have to stop the SS for part of the year
because I will be making too much in Real Estate, we
would settle the difference at the end of the year when
we file our taxes. If they paid me too much of a tax credit toward
my insurance;

then they would take part of our refund and we may have
to pay back some. If they learn that I actually qualified for
more, then that amount would be given to us in the form
of a refund. He explained it more clear and I am not
going to be concerned with none of this anymore.

I am clear now and ok. He also said when I or if I have to
call them and I get an airhead, a valley girl, or someone
who sounds drunk, just tell them you can not continue the
call and try again later. Hoping to get someone who knows
what in the hell is going on.

So, I am good with that.

HE ( my husband ) told me today that when it warms up
he is going to call someone to come out and give him
an estimate on new windows and new sliding for the house.

HUH? Sweet words to my ears. Why? Cause I had already
been thinking of doing that and paying for it myself.
If he pays for it....I will not have too. He can choose
the color. I do not care.

So, I can pay to have someone come out and out a liner
on our pool and hope to get it open this summer...and
get our asses back out on that deck....

It will be much cheaper to open the pool than do what he
is doing....

But knowing that he is at least thinking of bettering this
place makes me a happy girl.

I am relieved about the insurance and SS thing....
and I am happy about his plans....

maybe this is a sign that he is going to become more

We talked about that nutri-bullet that I ordered and how
we can do the juice thing, smoothie thing and soup thing
to detox...and get more needed vitamins in our system..
in hopes of helping both of feel better. He finally
got it.

Lord have mercy. He must be feeling pretty bad to actually
agree to a solution....or a least try. I like that.

There was another school bus accident today in Union
County. Bus driver was hurt and several students. I had
to call my daughter to make sure it was not her. She did
not answer, but I was not feeling worried. I mother knows
these things...and she did call me back to tell me she was
ok. That was good.

One of my husbands friends who is recently divorced from
a girl that I know or at least we think they are making
not yet, just not sure...anyway he got in touch with me
on FB asking about my BFF. He wanted to know if she was
single and if she would be interested in going out with
him? Hmmmmmm

Well, one....she is all into this girl code thing and she
would not go out with him because his ex is one of our
friends. Two, we both know that he went out with a
nasty trampy acting woman, the wild thing....for a while
after they first split, then later he went out with
a girl that looked and behaved like a Sunday school he is looking for someone new. I would be
concerned about his choices and why these relationships
did not work out. Is he a control freak? Or does he
simply not kiss good? Who knows? We all like him but
even I would not consider going out with him since he
would not be my type. IF I WERE SINGLE...which I am
so thankful that I am not.

My husband is hot. He cooks....he cleans....he is ragged
around the edges and has strong opinions....very set in
his ways....and I do not flash him around bragging about
all that. I do not have women here....much. Just my
BFF who I trust with my life, my family and everything.

I sent her this mans phone is not my place
to tell her what to do. She can handle it however she
wants, but she knows what I know about him and she is not
interested in someone else's problems. Plus we both
like his ex wife very much. That alone will be a NO THANK
YOU....I am flattered but sorry....just can not do that.

Anyway...that is about it...

I am done today