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2015-01-04 21:12:46 (UTC)

question of the day day3

okay so I don't have a lot of time and while I did write yesterday it wasn't a question entry sooo the whole writing everyday is still intact but I have catch up to do on the question promts

Song: Taylor swifts place in this World

Question prompt:
Whats the most sensible thing you've ever heard someone say?

Honestly Guys the most sensible thing I've heard anyone say in the way of advice is this:

Save your heart, Save yourself.

This means to be very careful with your heart and who you give it to because once you do, that's that the person you give it to can either cherish it or throw it away.
and that doesn't even mean just in relationships,
Hold your heart and your feelings don't let yourself fall for people so easily don't give yourself away.

I can't stress how huge this is, how long it took me to get this and understand it.
How important it is.
anyways I'm sorry this is so short I had a lot I wanted to say about this had it all planned out and worded better and I'm not saying it the way I want too but I'm going to blame that on insane dreams that are coming true and lack of sleep, that's an oxymoron I know...
but it's the truth so that's all for this entry send feedback please