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2015-01-03 20:13:16 (UTC)

The day after

I went to the service yesterday. I did not see anyone that I
knew at all accept her and her boyfriend. It was supposed to be
a private service for family and close friends. I guess she knows
now a couple we are very close friends and now, we
are second cousins. Sort of. She understands it is not biological
but she knows now that I was raised by her dads first cousin just
as if I had been adopted, so we are both happy about that.
She also told me today she is looking to buy a house in the
area she was looking in before, so I already set her up to get
notifications of listings that she might like.

Also been in touch with another one of my friends who is getting
ready to sell her house. She has been depressed and I am trying
to stay more in touch with her cause I want her to know that she
is not alone....not sure why she is depressed, but I have asked her
to go to lunch or dinner with me soon, my treat....just to
get her out of the house. Hopefully I can help her sell her
house too this year. But getting it all ready has to be
very stressful on her.

I ordered the Nutri bullet from HSN right after paying off my
card on there. LOL This one makes soup too. Best one of I
have seen. The only thing that concerned me is the callers
calling into the show most of them said they have all of them...
so does that mean they do not last long....or are they all
upgrading to newest model when they come out? Guess I will
find out soon. I will be going shopping looking for almond milk
and coconut water and some stuff to get started on....I think
HSN must have a loaded truck up the road. When I order
something it gets here so fast, hard to believe. I still
can not believe I got that guitar so fast....and I love it too.

I also paid off the best buy card, so I am debt free once again.
YEAH I am debt free and most of what I paid off today is a
tax deduction.

I talk to the insurance guy on Monday....I got more information
from Obamacare today which once again explains the level of income
we can have to qualify. I think I will tell him to let me keep
the insurance I have and pay a little more so my income will not
matter. I figured it out...and even if I make a little more than
what I predict, all I would have to do is pay back a little.
If I make less, I would get a refund. I was not aware of that..
so now it is making more sense. Not as freaked out about it.

Bottom like is. I am making as much money as I can......and if
I have to pay all of it back for what they helped me out....
so be it. I will.

Not worrying about it any more.

Having a good day.

Last night I went out to eat with my other BFF and had a couple
beers...although she wanted to stay out....and go somewhere else,
I suggested not. I wanted to come home get some rest so I could
get some things done today. She needs to slow down some and rest
when she is out of work. Her job has got less stressful for now,
but she is still facing possible back surgery this year. I have
to push her to slow down and rest when she is off work....

ok that is about it...for now.