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2015-01-03 04:00:54 (UTC)

My New Years Resolutions

God willing and if the creeks don't rise (Ha! as if)
I will do everything on this list in 2015.
Fingers crosse, heres hoping, pray for me and wish me luck.
i'll do the same for you of course.

but anyways heres my list:

1. Write here every day.
2. Daily Bible reading/ Devotions.
3. Better relationship with Tara.
4. Job/Save money.
5. Be a better/be a good youth teacher.
6. Build new friendships/ Strengthen the old ones
7. Let go of what needs to be let go of.
8. Lose weight/ Be healthy.
9. Read 100 books(Rereading doesn't count)
10.Learn Sign language fluently.
11. Take pictures/ Create portfolio.
12. Go to a different Country.
13. Snail mail. (Zoe and Jay)
14. Worry less.
15. Learn Crochet.( scarves?)
16. Make a positive difference.
17. Search again for Biological family.
18. Laugh more.
19. Smile more.
20. Be more positive.
21. Have more patience.
22. Write more "Letters to Strangers".
23. Write "Open when" Letters.
24. Be a good Example.
25. Dress better.

okay guys seriously wish me luck!