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2015-01-02 01:50:59 (UTC)

Getting excited

Omg I am so excited for tomorrow. I get to go deposit my check
in the bank as he post dated it for this year. Then, we will be
getting that bonus check from the clients who were very happy
at that last closing I attended. That feels good.

Last night I ran into this guy I knew a while back who has been
trying to get his real estate license. He said last night that
he was going to try one more time. So, who knows, he just may
make it. He seems very eager to get them. He said he and a few
others are going to get incorporated soon. They want to build
a company that flips houses. I have seen his remodeling skills
so I think he would be good at it. That is why he wants to
get his license to sell real estate. However, if he tries
and he fails again, he would be calling on me to help him. I
gave him some advice last night on something that he is working
on currently. I think I would be ok with working with him,
but I am not too sure if he would be a good fit for our company.
I have become very protective of the company and the boss. This
guy has had some issues before and I am not sure if I would feel
comfortable working with him in this capacity. If he gets them
I would suggest that he go try working with one of the larger
companies since they have in place in house training to help
him throw that provisional stage. Once he loses that status
and becomes a real realtor then I may feel better working
with him. He would not be able to open his own realtor
company until he had some closings under his belt. So he
would have to work with someone. Not sure if he will be
calling me again or not. He asked for another card. So, I
gave it to him. We shall see.

I am supposed to go talk to the insurance agent but may try to
reschedule that for Monday since I now have the memorial service
to attend.

I may wait for some time to pass before I tell her about our
cousin status. Not sure if she would be as excited as me or not.
I would not actually be a blood relative, I would be more like
an adopted one since it is actually the foster mother who was
related to her. But I was raised there all my childhood into
adulthood. My daughter thought of her as her grandmother...and I
did change my name to the foster families name. So it was like
being adopted.

I know when I added her on facebook when we first started
hanging out...she added me as a relative, her sister. Go figure.
Now we really have a connection. I just hope she is as excited
as I am. Plus it will make that guardian angel and bracelet mean
more now.

One thing is for sure. Myself and my BFF have had some of our
assumptions incorrect. I think we both will have to start being
more careful when talking about the what ifs...or who knows things.

We need to make sure until we have the facts, it is just a discussion
of possibilities, not fact. I will work on that this year.

Okay...just wanted to make another post.....before turning off
computer which is something else I intend to do more often...
especially at night when I need to be resting.