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2015-01-02 00:22:43 (UTC)

Happy New year

Ok so i am going to write every day of this year a question promt,
(365 questios you should ask yourself this year)
and then regular entrys when i feel like writting something like i already do now on this Diary.

Side note:
I hate cold weather snow and ice and how it rules our lives and cripples us...
I also hate living 25 miles from my friends.. Suck!!!
okay done with complaints for this entry on to the first prompt

January 1st 2015
5:51 pm
current mood:
Tired and hungry
Current song:
Me and my broken heart by Rixton.

Prompt question:
When was the last time you Tried something new?

Lets see.... um
I tried the app KiK... reacently.
I'm currently trying to write everyday and thats new for me as its not something i've ever dine, an every single day thing.
I feel like i'm sucking at this first promt because its been a while since i did something big that was new.
Ohhh i got one i did a youtube video with B and H last night...
and it makes me nervous to be infront of a camera but if i want to do Youtube videos i'll have to get over that.
This years going to have alot of trying new things, i'll tell you about them as i go.
so keep reading and Again Happy New year, i hope its a good one stay safe.