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2015-01-01 20:37:29 (UTC)

New Year - suprising news

As you know if you been following this, one of my friends dad passed
away on Christmas Eve. We have all been waiting to hear something
about arrangements. Most of us had second guessed what had happened
and possibly nothing around here since we all thought they were
from COCO Beach. To my surprise today, his obituary was printed
in our local paper. I learned some surprising news about who he
is and who he is related too. It said he came here after living
in Florida for many years to finish some schooling at one of our
local colleges. Belmont Abbey is a big deal around here. He
was involved with later with the space programs, such as the
Apollo moon program at the Kennedy space center, later assignments
included the Delta Heavy Lift Satellite program, The Work Shop Space
Station, and the Shuttle Payload assist module satellite deployment
He worked for Douglass Aircraft later which after a merger became
Boeing Aircraft. Wow, what an amazing man. I was so proud to have
had the opportunity to meet him. He as always so sweet.

Then it told who his parents were. Well, this is gonna be
hard to explain. I will try to be as clear as I can be.
When I was in my first foster home, it was a married couple
and their dad lived there too. He was a Dagenhart. That man
had a brother and sister and that sister was this mans mother.
Also, the grandfather figure in this foster homes brother
was the father of my husbands ex wife. So, my husbands
daughter have to be her second cousins...and his ex has
to be my friends first cousin. WOW.....all this at one time.

The service is tomorrow afternoon. I plan on being there to
support her. I have too. I love her to death. I do not
care who her cousins are....although it is hard to believe
that someone like her and her dad could be related to such
cold hearted people as my husbands ex wife and his daughters,
I am not concerned about them showing up. When my foster
sister was sick and dying, I never saw them show up then,
nor did any of them show up when my foster mom died and
she was her first cousin.

Anyway, we are all happy to know that there is a service and we
can all be there to say goodbye to this great absolutely
astonishing man. I am so heart broken that my friend has
lost him and it is clear she has lost someone should be honored
for his great unselfish life and especially for being such
a good father to her and raising such a wonderful loving
good spirited person as she is.

It gives me a little more hope knowing all this...maybe there
will be a day when they ( my husbands daughters ) show up to
apologize for being so cold to him and absent...disrespectful.

Funny thing is, my friend knows us. She is crazy about my
husband and probably find it hard to take that his daughters
are related to her. I think I will keep this to myself.

GOD I hope that bitch does not show up for this service.
But being so self absorbed, she probably knows nothing about
this man and hopefully she will stay home.

I am going regardless. I will be proud to stand with the
family and friends.....

I am taking my guitar to be tuned at the pub. Their son told
me he would do it for me. I am excited about that. Last night
was great. We had a great time. My son and husband came to
pick us up and take my BFF home, and son drove her car....
then we took son back to get my car. No one drove drunk.

Hoping all of you have many wonderful new memories to share.....

in this new year.

2015....the year of higher taxes for everyone......
we are totally screwed and most of us will not feel the
effect of all of it until you get that first pay check.
Sorry to be bearer of bad news....but I have been warning
you of this year for sometime now.

Even estate taxes is off the hook when before it was zero.

Now, you will feel like you are being robbed....

capital gains to a big hike too.....

all this explains the urgency of getting those closings
done before the new year. One of them was an estate sell...
and all of the sellers saved on the capital gains....

Whoa....not sure if this will be good year or not.

Probably gonna have to decease my fee to make up for the
loss of profit my sellers will endure now.

At least there is me. HUH?

Just trying to help.