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2014-12-31 21:02:23 (UTC)

New Year Eve finishing touches

We are still planning on going out tonight. Not sure where yet...
she is still bouncing around from one decision to another...

But I did hear from one of our friends about the friend who lost
her dad. No one has been to see her...and no one has heard or talked
to her. She is spending this time with her family...and we all
know now and understand. We all plan on getting together after
first of year and do something with her to let her know we have
all been thinking of her.

I rode to pick up my big ole fat check this morning....LOL It felt
so good...and it would have been bigger if we had not done one of
the deals for such a small amount. But when that man and woman
saw how much I made in comparison to what the other broker made...
one who never bothered to even show up for the closing...they sent
a note to my boss saying that I went way beyond my expected duties
to help them sell that property. Wanted out address so they could
send me a bonus. LOL Now that feels better than any large
check...just knowing that they are happy and realize how much
I worked for them. They met me at the closing and we had a great
bonding experience. I loved them....and we talked about
many things in regards to real estate...and they were very aware
of what all it involves to get the job done. Plus they were so
thankful to finally get this place sold before the end of the time you know. I saved them about 3 thousand bucks
pushing this closing to yesterday instead of next week. Plus
I found mistakes on the HUD that were corrected in their favor.

I will be going to see a insurance guy on Friday to discuss
health insurance. I am hoping he can find me a policy that
I can afford so I one, can keep my SS and two, cancel OBAMACARE...

I am feeling hopeful about it.

If I can get this one thing resolved, my year will go much better...
I am ok with the SS cause all I have to do is call them if
I feel I am getting close to making too much money and they
will work with me. But dealing with those representatives
from Obamacare is a nightmare.....I would rather cancel it.

If I keep it, I will have to cancel the SS ... cause believe
it or not, I will be making too much money.

Hard to believe we can not make money to sit aside in savings for
when we get this rate....I will have to work
for the rest of my life and still have to worry about making
too much money.

Something about worrying about making too much money at this
age and in this country just seems wrong to me.

Trying the best I can.