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2014-12-31 13:08:54 (UTC)

Misunderstanding the old year imbracing the new

I hate titles.

When my friend lost her dad on Christmas Eve and we never learned
about any arrangements unsure what to do, and after I went to her
house the day after Christmas with my good intentions, the angel
wings and bracelet, trying to learn more about what I could do
to help as her friend only to learn that she was not home...and
last communication was a text after we text me first asking her
to let me know when she was going to be home....never to hear
anything else from her...all left me confused as what to do or
when to go to see her. So, I did nothing as I was waiting to
hear back. My BFF did the same. She also rode by there on
her way home, and it looked like no one was we both
assumed that the body and the family were on their way to Florida
to handle the arrangements there. She posted no information on
facebook and nothing in the paper. So, what was I supposed to do?

Now...a week later, we still have not heard from her. A couple of
our other close friends of whom are also close to her are also
being vague about it. Not responding to our phone calls or text
when we ask them if they have talked to her.

I honestly do not know what to think. One thing is this...I had
the best intensions and so did my BFF. Hell, she had made arrangements to take Monday off work if she had too. We were going to take food
by and were just trying to guess when that would be a good time.
As it turned out...there was no good time as we both waited to
learn more. Finally she told me to just stop worrying about it..
she had things to do, I had things to do and we just needed to
go on about our business and when we find out something more...
then, we can deal with it then. I agreed.

Yesterday my closing went well. That man and woman were so happy
to get that closing handled. My boss went to the first one as
it was in a different county. He told me that realtor that I
had issues with....she would say one thing one day and something
else the next never backing up her words with an email to
verify....anyway he said that closing was a hoot. She came in
looking like she just got out of bed very confused slurring her
words. He said he thought she was on drugs. Her client walked in
wearing a mink coat...a tight black dress and what he said looked
like very expensive shoes...her soon to be ex came in with an
attitude and the two of them were having words...through out the
closing....LOL He said he wish I could have been there as it
should have been filmed. It was a hoot.

But at the end of the day yesterday we had completed three closings
and almost a million dollar in sells. Our buyer is so happy
he was walking on air as was his wife...and our sellers were
relieved and very grateful to have that property sold....and we
now have a new relationship with a company that buys property
to add to their rental inventory paying cash and closing quickly.
This gives us leverage to list property for a shorter time...
and get it sold within a month.

My daughter has the lasting listing our company has...and she has
someone looking at it. She reached out to me last night to go over
a response she was making to the buyer who had questions. It felt
good for her to ask for my approval. She is the brilliant one...
the politician. Not me. But she does think I have a way with
words when it come to I did go over her response
with her learning more about the situation and giving her my
advice. She may have that one sold soon and we will be out of

I am taking a couple weeks break to catch up on my paperwork
and file management. I will be paying off the bills I gained
this year which are all tax is time to get
ready to pay taxes and see how fucked up I will be because
of the limits that Obama care has put on me. I have till February
to find my own policy that I can afford before I can cancel
Obama care. If I can not find a policy that I can pay with
my SS benefits that makes sense, then I will have to cancel
receiving the SS benefits because receiving it will cause me
to earn too much money to qualify. Go figure.

Knowing all this has alerted me to make sure all of my files
and tax deductions are in order in the event I get audited.
So, I have that to do too.

As far as the friends go, I am not sure what is up with them.
But like the BFF said, we do not need to worry too much about
any of it. We too are just as bad of not staying in touch
this year. We have both been out of touch with the rest of
them and did not update them on our issues that both of us
have had. My BFF took a leave of absence because of her
back and I was dealing with a back issue myself for about
three months which kept me out of touch with most of them.
Maybe they have their panties in a wad now because of all
that. But they have no idea why. Just like now, we have
no idea why.

This has been the busiest year that I have had in a while.
I have had to deal with betrayal myself this year. It was
not an easy cross to bare. I hate it. But since I do
not go telling my personal business even to the closest ones...
nor do I post such business on some of them do,
no one knows. But then again, I have not heard from them either.

So, if the friendship has worn itself out and drizzled into
something so transparent it is no longer that important, then
so be it.

All I know is I have attempted to be there for all of them
when I intensions have been good.


IN 2015, I will take more time to work on family...
my business...and this house....our future. I can not continue
to put a bunch of effort into friendships that have ran dry.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2015

I plan on it.