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2014-12-28 13:38:03 (UTC)

Sunday back to work again

I was thinking I was done with that deal two counties over, but
I was wrong. Today I must go meet the boss and do a final
walk through with the buyers. He could have done it without
me but they have a bunch of unanswered questions about some
things so I agreed to be there today to help out. Taking my
camera too because I hope to get some more photos of this place
just in case I never get to go there again. It is in deed one
of the most beautiful well thought out designs I have seen.

Actually looking forward to getting out of here for a while.
I have been unable to get in touch with my friend who lost
her dad. No obituary announcements in the paper. Nothing to
let us know. She has not been back in touch since the day
I rode by her house. None of our friends know anything
either. My BFF told me yesterday we just need to stop
worrying about it and do what we need to do or had planned for
these last days of the year. She had some more shopping to
do and some relatives to visit and I still have some business
to address, so we both agreed to just let it be for now and
we know that we will have our chance to spend with our friend.

We were thinking she would have a lot of out of town people
here and had already thought out ways to go by there to check
things out and then go get food to take, soda, coffee
whatever. Looks like now we will only be able to send her some
flowers and a card. Our intentions were good. We figure she
may have taken her dad back to the beach to bury along side
his late wife. So, that possibly being the case, we certainly
can understand.

I got up early again today. Had to take a Zertec last night.
Slept like a baby. Going to get ready to drive to that house
and go early enough to look for some business....for sale by

My daughter may have an offer on the last listing we have
on tomorrow. If that is the case, well, if it is or not,
we all know we need some more listings.

I know my friend who lost her dad was planning on listing that
house, but it is not the time to begin talking about that again.
Actually tried to talk the old man into looking at it. It is
in a perfect location for me and I love it. But he is not
interested in even speaking about it. Fine. I can wait
on that, and I actually hope that she will decide to keep that
place as it is also perfect for her.

I have another friend who has been talking about moving crap
out of her house. It is clear that it will be up for sale
soon. But it is the house she shared with her ex husband and
his name is on the deed. There is so much drama attached to
that situation, I simply turned it down telling her that
it may be best they work with another company as I did not
feel I could handle it at the moment.

That is one thing I like about being self employed. I can
choose whom I work with.

I still have business coming down the pipe line, but that is
later in the year.

Might be a good time to take a break and possibly get some
sand in my shoes just like I had planned.

Time will tell.

I think the BFF and my friend who lost her dad should take
off as soon as we can get our schedules worked out and just

beach bound.

I love the sound of that.