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2014-12-27 00:14:55 (UTC)

Friday Angel Wings and WItches

I left this morning in hopes of seeing my friend before she got
too busy. I knew she may be making funeral arrangements either
today or yesterday. Was not sure.

On my way I stopped at this store in town that I had not ever
been in. Something told me to stop, not sure, but usually
when this happens, I find some Princess House Crystal. But that
was not to happen today. Instead I located a sterling silver
bracelet that attaches together with a palm tree design just
perfect to attach my angel wings too. I had them on my
necklace and had intended just to hand them to her, but this
seemed like fate after locating this bracelets. She is from
Coco Beach and I knew she get the meaning. I love her so much.
And her dad was the best. You always know when someone has
good parents. She is one of the best people I know and he was
a very good man. Kind hearted a good soul. Anyway, I was
not able to see her today after all. But certainly will

I was on my way home stopped at a stop light. I was in the
front. No one was behind me. I stopped at that line. I
never stop over it. But this woman in a red car turning into
the road I was stopped at turned sharp for a moment I thought
she was going to hit my car. She was yacking and staring at me...
running her mouth like this was going turn into a road rage
incident. I just looked at her as she road by...I did not know
her. Looking in my rear view mirror I noticed she did a u turn
and she ran off the road to pull up on my passengers side...still
running that mouth. So, I rolled down my passenger side window
and just looked at her like she was a nut. She suddenly appeared
to be shocked...and her tone changed. OH, I AM SO SORRY I

BULL SHIT....I told her real quick that might want to know who
the hell she is pulling that stunt car driving on cause YOU
R CORRECT You do not know need to chill girl...

Anyway she drove off embarrassed and I was stunned.

It felt good to get home and feel safe again.