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2014-12-25 20:04:51 (UTC)

Christmas Day

It's christmas day and it doesn't quite feel like it it's in the 60s and quite windy(surprise surprise about the wind....)
I got a cannon camera...i got a freakin camera i wanted one really bad! but i didn't ask for one because i knew money was tight and the kids deserved great christmas which they had.
But i asked for 2 things and had 3 in mind. Make up, Taylor swifts 1989 and I wanted a camera but didn't ask for one.
I'm amazed humbled and very, very blessed and incredibly happy.
i would have been happy with out the camera but i think that was the cherry on top, i think that was a reminder from God that he gives us the desires of our hearts and blesses us when we least expect it.

Jays supposed to call later