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2014-12-25 05:54:42 (UTC)

I missed list challang monday!

I totally forgot...uhhh how am i going to write every day this year if i can't remember to write something every stupid monday? ahhh help!

okay so list challange monday is now... right now.
and i have no plan... but here goes!

My Top 10 favorite Animals ever on order of the best of the best to the lest of the best.

1. Owl.
(I liked owls before they were cool so :p)

2. Hawk.
(You got to admit they are cool looking)

3. Dog.
(Cute, Loyal, loves uncontionally, comes in all shapes and sizes)

4. Sea Turtles.
(Just amazing and beautiful)

5. Elephants.
(They are cool and incredibly smart)

6. Dolphins.
(smart, fun, caring, amazing)

7. Horses.
(They are at their best beautiful animals)

8. Lizzards
(Geco's Iguana's Camelions,...awesome!)

9. Frog
(not common toads people frog, like a tree or glass frog)
(yes thats meant to be glass not grass)

10. Wood pecker.
(preferably red headed ones :)