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2014-12-25 04:39:32 (UTC)

Christmas Eve ups and downs

Well, it has been a slow day here. I have not been anywhere. Just
staying close to home taking it easy. My son and I had a long talk
today. He knew something was up. So, I explained the skin cancer
thing to him. He was very supportive as I figured he would be. I
just did not see a need to tell him just yet. But I did.

We opened the UPS packages and he was totally syked about the
sunglasses that I got him and myself. I got two of those bad
boys. I have already charged mine and tried them out. They
work great. They are the type of camcorders that someone would
use on those roller coaster videos that you see sometimes. I
am very impressed with the quality.

My husband has been baking pies today. And making some that
do not have to be baked. Lemon, and banana.....I can feel
about ten pounds in my future.

My biological sister called me tonight to say Merry Christmas
She got her wheelchair and some organization is coming next week
to build her a ramp for it at her house. I was happy to hear.

Then, I got some bad news later tonight when one of my BFFs text
me letting me know that her dad had passed away tonight. A bad
time to have to go through this. She is one of my favorite people.

Her dad was one of the most kind men I had ever met. I was so
sad to hear this tonight. I hate for her to have to go through
this during the holidays. She was his care giver, his power of
attorney. He trusted her to make the decisions with him. I
just hope there is no family drama from her siblings. Sometimes
this type of situation causes drama. I will be there by her
side along with many of us.

We all loved him and love her very much.

Gonna be a sad time.....

but we will hold one another up.