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2014-12-24 21:08:05 (UTC)

Christmas Eve special surprises...

Today started out early again. After taking that chill pill last
night, I slept like a baby. So I got up this morning and made
those omelet muffins for the guys. Started cleaning a little bit.
Had the son help pack some things in my car to donate getting them
out of the way.

Waiting on the UPS truck to come was like a kid waiting on Santa.
But he finally made it here and I was so delighted. My son was
home and we had been laying on my bed talking. I decided to go
ahead and tell him about the cancer thing so he would not wonder
what was going on. He had already notice my husband changing the
bandage. So, I told him. He is very supportive. I also wanted
him to move the cabinet that we keep our check books in...and he
wanted to know why, so I went ahead and told him some of the story
about his sister and the granddaughters using my debit card to
go on a shopping frenzies messing me up earlier in the year. I
wanted him to be aware of what to be careful of and make sure
he puts his debit card and check book and money out of sight
tomorrow when they come. IF they show up. Still not sure about
all that. I did tell him too that she offered to pay me back
when she had her next I did not run her into ground
too much. Just told the truth.

Then...the UPS guy came. OMG! I am so glad I decided to get
two of those sunglasses that have the built in camcorder and camera

I knew my son would love it. He opened his with me and he was
so surprised. He was unsure what it was for..or what it did. But
we went over it together. I explained to him that he could use
it to take video of the race car while his friend is driving
it in those races he goes too. Lots of was a perfect
gift for him. I did not even open mine. Just decided to hold off.

I will let him use his, get use to it...then I will use mine later
on...maybe when I go tour a home....or get a new listing...
which I would love to get soon.

Right now I am just going to take care of myself and try to
enjoy this Christmas. You never know when it may be your last.

I have learned this year that you have to be very careful who
you trust. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.
Even I do.

I am blessed. I do know that.

I can not make her spend time with me more or call me more
often. I can not make anyone like me. Some people don't.
But I can like myself. I can be a good person. I am a good
person. I know it. If others choose to not spend enough
time with me to know that, then I can not help change it.

If things do not go well with this cancer, I have already
decided who I will be giving that brand new Keith Urban guitar
too. Been fantasing all day about giving it too him. I
already gave this boy a bunch of my music books. When he
gets this guitar....he will know just how special and talented
I know he is.


spread some kindness this year

and hope some comes back to you