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2014-12-24 05:29:10 (UTC)

unsure what to do...

I am afraid a bunch of self employed people who signed up
for the Obama care bull shit will be screwed this year.
I am lost at what to do.

If I buy my own coverage just to get out from under them,
I will be paying almost all of the SS check I will start
checking just to pay for insurance.

I just found out that I do have skin cancer, not the simple
kind either so I have to have coverage.

I guess I could risk it and send in the form and just pay
for the Obama care the form is to remove him from
my coverage.

But he will not be able to work this year...and if I make
any money at all.....I may go over my limit.

So, I can get help paying for the insurance....and
and still be limited to how much money I can make..

or I can pay for it with all the money I will make
and only be able to make 15000 bucks.

A year.