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2014-12-23 22:47:05 (UTC)

Keeping this secret....

My BFF called a while ago. I am not going to tell her anything
yet about the cancer. I will just wait it out to see how bad
it is or maybe it is not that bad. No need to worry her.

The only people that know this is you guys and my husband.

I did talk to the boss about our next closings...told him to
give me my check for them in January so I do not have to
add those amounts to my 1099 this year. Hoping that will
help us out during tax filing. I think a bunch of people
just like me are in for a rude awakening this year when
we file our taxes. I bet we all have to pay back a bunch
of that money we got to help pay for that damn OBAMA CARE.
Time will tell just how screwed we are.

So, I will plan on making the appointment with the financial
advisor that my BFF talked too last week. They can help
me figure this out. Maybe I can start a company to put
my money into and just pay myself whatever I need to be
legal. Set it up as a company and use the extra cash that
is in there kind of like a retirement account fund. I am
lost about all this.

Not telling the kids about the cancer either....not
posting it on FB. I hate putting my business out there
for the world to see.

I will get through this....

and she told me today that she needs to go get another
injection in her back in January. I will take her to that
on a Friday and then go back to doctor myself the next
Wednesday. If there are any changes in this spot, they
may go ahead and take off some more now. If not, they
will do it in six months. Hoping it will be ok.

Got a lot on my mind tonight....

I have known several people to die fast from skin
cancer. I would have never known about it though
if my BFF did not encourage me to go be checked
out...and I would not have done it at all if I had
not had that insurance.

Just not sure what I will be make all this
right....or what any of us will do to make it right.

I am not going to break any laws.....I will not lie
about anything. I have told the truth about our income
and it is hard to predict what I will make in a years
time....especially at times like this when I currently
have no listings...since everything has sold...
I do have a couple of buyers for next year....

I can use my entire SS check to pay for insurance.
That was my plan to begin with......

just to get out from under this government scam to
fuck us all up. I will not be one that goes under...
or to jail....if I have to pay a fine...I will pay


I am feeling extremely alone now.....

had to take a chill pill.

I am certainly NOT telling my daughter who I never
hear from much anyway.....

maybe one day she will be called by her brother to tell
her that I am dead. Guess she will feel bad then....
maybe not.....she might be relieved.