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2014-12-23 21:33:26 (UTC)

Bad new all day long

First the good news....or at least a good feel good story.
I went to the store up the road just to have something to
do. Was looking at rings that the lady who owns the place
makes. The clerk put them on top of the counter so I could
look at them. There was this older lady, even older than
me looking at them too. We both noticed the unusual gray
stone. She was wearing a gray sweater. The rings were
only 3 bucks a piece, at least the ones we were looking at.
I had found a lamp and a couple of princess house glasses
that were rang up with the three rings I had decided on...
before I left, I gave the clerk another three bucks to
pay for the other gray ring that the older lady wanted.
She kept putting it back and I figured she did not want
to spend that money on something for herself. Once again
I walked off kind of teary eyed at the joy I had left behind.

I stopped at burger king on the way home. When I got home
I had to go back because they left out his whopper.

Came home to a bill from the insurance market place. Although
I had called to take him off the policy, this bill for January
clearly had him on it. It was costing more too than last
year. So, I got on the phone right away to call them. After
being transferred to about three or four people who had no
idea how to help me...I ended up with some guy who almost
sounded drunk who went on and on about the price and although
he claimed he took my husband off insisted that I go through
the entire applying procedure once again. He was asking all
kinds of questions about our income, how much SS does he
make, how much will I make. Did I go over the amount this
year I had said I would make....and I said that I did...
it is hard to determine how much money you will make
in the year when you are self employed. He kept reading
this line about what happens to you when you give false
information. Tried to get me to say I did not smoke...
when I do. I had no intensions of lying. Anyway...
he asked me if I wanted to know how much policies were
if I did not go through them getting that 400 a month
I qualified to help out with it. So, he found one much
like the one I have that was around 700 a month.

I told him I was going to have to think about all this..
and call them back. I talked to my husband and told him
that I need to talk to his insurance man about getting my
own insurance without the market place helping pay for it.

I did not feel comfortable using them if I do not have too.
Even if it is 700 a month, my SS will pay for it. Then
I will know that I can make an additional 15k year...
of taxable income after deductions....

So, I called to make the appointment.

Then I get a call from the dermatologist office telling me
the results of the biopsy. It was cancerous. They want
to see me in January to see how it is healing and do
another biopsy in 6 months. It was not that skin cancer
that most people get....she said something else.

So, at this moment I do not have insurance and I have
skin cancer too.


BUT the good news is the repairman came to fix the
dishwasher and I did not have to talk to him at all.

And this week will be over in a few days.